Our Story

We usually take time for ourselves when we are on holidays. There is so much to do during a day, from getting things done at the job to satisfying our friends and family. We tend to sabotage the time for ourselves. It has become a habit that we are our last priority. There is enough noise in the outside world. We are often unable to listen to our inner self due to the outside noise. We don’t listen to our body, we don’t listen to our heart. There are things hidden inside us. When we find a peaceful moment, we can suddenly hear them. They always know what is right for us and which direction we should go.

Eva from Hidden Oasis Zurich

After working in the finance and tourism for six years I decided to change my life completely.  My job was OK, I could afford most of things I wanted and didn’t miss much. My life just felt unfullfilled and I knew deep down that there is so much more I could do and offer. So I quit my job, went on holidays, learned how to snowboard (I completely missed the phase when it was popular) and found myself in a place full of joy and happiness. I knew this was the right decision. I always loved to go for a massage but I wanted to create more than just a massage. My spiritual path lead me to India where I completed a meditation teacher course. Now everything I wanted to create was set. I wanted to create a place to unwind. A place where you allow yourself to be in the moment and to treat you with all your love and kindness. This is how the Hidden Oasis became reality.